For those of you born before the days of the internet, this symbol “#” was the pound sign. Then one day the internet was born, it grew up and became a teenager, and just like all teenagers these days it started texting. The pound sign transformed into the #Hashtag.

Hashtags are a way to categorize words or phrases into a searchable format. They can be created by using text (#text), a combination of text and numbers (#text123), or phrases with no spaces in between (#socialmedia). Once the # symbol is added in front of a word or phrase it becomes a link. If you click on that link you will see all the posts, tweets, pins, videos, and mumbo jumbo associated with the word/phrase in various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Ok, so the mumbo jumbo was an exaggeration, but I bet you if you look up #mumbojumbo on Twitter you will surely find something.. ….hmmmm??

In most cases hashtags are used at the end of a post or tweet:
Check out the recipe for my world famous cheesecake #recipe #cheesecake

Another way I like to use hashtags are within the post:
Check out the #recipe for my world famous #cheesecake

Focus on using words that are related to your topic, business, website, blog, or posting. If you are using hastags infront of words that do not relate to your message, it looks like spam, and viewer will not engage and could even flag your post for removal. 

Also, don’t over do it with too many hashtags in one post (I say 2-3 at most), or using the same hashtags day after day. You don’t wana wear those poor suckers out, and bore your audience. Keep it fresh and lively.

I think the best use of hashtags are to find out what is hot and #trending. Go into any of the social media platforms and just type #trending into the search bar, and there you have it folks…todays hottest topics. I say 
use those topics in your advertising to propel your business marketing, but as always, make sure that your content is well written and fits in with the trend or you will only be hurting your image instead of moving up 
in the ranks. 

I hope you have learned something new today! Until next time #HappyHashtagging