I began my Pinterest page Create Your Online Business a little under a month ago. At first I was just in awe of all the variety of photos. I created so many different boards. I had a social media board where I was dumping everything into. Then one day I decided to make separate boards for each social media site, blogging, seo, marketing tips, etc. I had a lot of pins in each of my business related boards, but I was struggling to attract more followers. 

My main goals within Pinterest are: 
1) provide informational items on social media topics
2) promote my business board
3) have fun with all the additional items outside of the business arena

The first two goals are hard to achieve when you don’t have many followers. Then I happened to come across a woman that had an amazing amount of followers, like in the 100,000s. I looked at her page, and she only had about 10 boards. That is when the light bulb in my head went off...all of her boards were GROUP boards! 

Now group boards take more effort than your own regular boards because you have to take the time and invite people to the board, and the more people that follow you the more confusing it gets when it comes time to invite. You chose to edit the board and type in the name of the person you want to invite. For example you can type in “A” and it will show you all the people with “A” in their name that you can invite, but it doesn’t show you who you already invited. So basically you have to go down the list all over again, unless you have an amazing memory and can remember who you already invited. I don’t have a memory like that. Once the first person you invite accepts, you will see an icon on the top right of the board with three little people. Now your board is classified as a group board. You must be invited to a group board, but you can always leave a comment on a pin and ask the page owner to add you.

Anyhow, I changed most of my business related boards to group boards, and all of a sudden I am getting
more and more followers everyday without me even having to go look for them. They follow my group boards, I follow them back, and invite them to the board they followed. Each time someone accepts the invitation, your group board will show up on their page. So all of their followers have the potential to see your board. I now have over 200 followers, which is still a small number compared to the page that had over 100,000. But the fact is I had about 40 followers when I started adding the group boards, and in the last week I have added almost another 160 people that have all come looking for my page. I encourage you to try this technique. I hope it helps you as well. 

10/15/2013 12:30pm

Hey Chuck, great idea. I know I am on your boards and group boards are a great idea. I have been meaning to start one, but now I see the true potential!

10/15/2013 12:52pm

Hello Ashley,
My name is Emily. This is my Blog. I don't know who you are referring to when you mentioned Chuck, but I am the original author of this post.


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