So a lot of people have asked me, Is Instant Payday Network a Scam? Well lets start by looking up the definition of scam.  
The Merriam-webster dictionary states the following:
Scam: to deceive and take money from (someone)
Scam: to get (something, such as money) by deceiving someone

So that being said, Instant Payday Network only GIVES people the chance to earn money through affiliate marketing of product trials from Fortune 500 companies. If you sign up with any affiliate marketing company and they ask to you pay them money....do not sign up..run for the hills!  Affiliate marketing companies should never ask you for money.

This programs is 100% FREE. You pay nothing to join IPDN, pay no fees once you are a member, and are NEVER I repeat NEVER asked for any money by anyone who works with IPDN.

You are given a 100% FREE marketing system to promote your affiliate marketing on various social media sites on the Internet. You can even join a Facebook group with other IPDN members who help you learn the tools of the trade, and encourage you to promote and succeed in your business.

The only requirement is you must sign up for the same product trials you are promoting. I mean how are you going to promote something you have no idea about. As in any business, you need to know your product or service. So as an example, lets say you sign up for GameFly, which is like Netflix for video games. You do the 30 day trial, and you cancel before the end of the trial so you pay absolutely NOTHING. But of course if you like the product you can keep it. You can go to the regular GameFly website and sign up for the exact same trial, or you can sign up through the affiliate website, and then be able to earn money for the rest of your life for any referrals you send their way.

You see Fortune 500 companies know people are watching more and more Netflix, Redbox, Yotube, or internet TV. These types of entertainment don’t have commercials, so they need another way to promote their products. This is where I come in, and this is where you could come in too.

Based on the different product trials, you can earn from $25 - $58 per referral. So lets say you had one person sign up each day of the week for a whole month, at the minimum of $25. That is an extra $750 dollars in your pocket a month, all for just posting ads on the Internet. Obviously everyone would like to make more than $750 a month, but just the fact that you have the potential to create money based off a 100% FREE affiliate marketing system just blows my mind. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this opportunity? By the way, you are paid directly to your Paypal account on a daily basis, direct deposit, or you could request a check once a month.

So is this what you would consider a SCAM? If so, maybe it is time the definition of SCAM be changed to this: Social Community Acquiring Money. Because that is what Instant Payday Network does for you...it only GIVES to you, it NEVER TAKES. 


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